Wanted: A Life Purpose (*conditions apply)

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Since I let go of my full-time corporate job, every few months, I used to feel dejected that life/god/existence was not showing me my calling, the grand and glorious purpose in life that I had heard and read so much about. On one such gloomy, rainy day, my mentor GD sat me down and asked me: “What will it look like when you find your calling?” Despite my past experience with his seemingly innocent-sounding questions, I answered that one. I replied it should be something worthy, inspiring and larger-than-life. “What you are seeking is not your… Continue reading Wanted: A Life Purpose (*conditions apply)

How life continues to hold me… today.

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up” … … a message scribbled by I don’t know who on the whiteboard at my home in my absence. Hope I will find out- I would like to give him/ her a big hug and a real treat! How life speaks and lovingly screams. I have heard this line before but there is nothing I need to hear more now, than this. And Rohit you will understand this more than anyone else for that has been your intense invitation to me. And I pray that Dola you … Continue reading How life continues to hold me… today.

How life held me yesterday … and led me today ;-)

I was all set and excited to go to the Sahyadri Study centre.. I would enjoy the peace and quiet reflection time. Reading, writing, simply being. Nourishing myself. I may even get to meet my daughter, Sufii, my dearest angel and spend time with her. And who knows, I might even get the opportunity to meet the principal and explore possibilities of contribution to Sahyadri. I had come back from Blore in a hurry after two half day review sessions for two teams of Yahoo! … letting go of the delicious opportunity to meet many friends. And revel in conversation, … Continue reading How life held me yesterday … and led me today 😉