Where do I end and where do you begin?

Recently I heard from several people who I have a deep regard for.. what I needed to hear.. Something to the effect of.. “Do what you do for your own sake.. not so as to “help the other”. Take care of yourself first.” “My responsibility is to express what I want. I don’t take responsibility for what the other wants.” “Unless the other is open to change, you cannot do anything” I wondered.. – Where do “I” end and where do “you” begin? Who is responsible for the ‘space/ energy’ in between the relationship? Where is the boundary? – Isnt … Continue reading Where do I end and where do you begin?

the beckoning..

a walk, some talk a contact with the immeasurable the immensity of no-thingness sahadev such laughter when I was young, we had a grocery shop he says, and I used to take money from the box where my mother used to keep with her knowing and buy the goodies a simple question.. is there something beyond presence, oneness, a long pause and then he had goosebumps.. as he said ‘nothing’ .. and silence.. he had to pause to sit and allow tears and laughter to flow.. stay with that, I said.. And then after a long pause we spoke.. Or … Continue reading the beckoning..

How Love mocks us to be free..

When we experience love in close relationships and we allow it to flow in its totality, each time we will see that the depths of love are .. a unique combination of many flavors and colors.. which can be variously described as motherly, friendly, fatherly, ‘lover-like’, sensual, serving the other, platonic, disciple-like, child-like… what have you… But our deep conditioning over the ages from this thing called ‘society’ restricts the free flow of this beautiful energy by confining it into neat boxes of parent-child, husband-wife, guru-shishya, friend-friend … so that we can ‘manage’ this and be ‘appropriate’ .. and that … Continue reading How Love mocks us to be free..