Emotion & Love..

I wrote this a little while back to a dear friend who was shaken with sadness and wrote an email on a forum which has been grappling with an issue for months.. And felt its worth sharing here on my blog. I am saying this to myself as I say this to you.. When there is a strong emotion, it is bringing a vital message of love and truth. But until we feel and release the emotion the message is distorted. And often lost. So, I would urge each ofus when we feel something strongly to try and process it … Continue reading Emotion & Love..

“Master, I finally got it!”

Originally posted on superaalifragilistic:
Trying to get back to cartooning with some inspiration from my very unserious mentor GD! I like the simplicity and immediacy of cartoons. Exploring the possibilities of commenting on spirituality using the seeker and master characters. Here’s a preliminary attempt… I quite enjoyed doing it, I hope you enjoy seeing it! © Aalif Surti 2012   Continue reading “Master, I finally got it!”