Conversations to Awaken … Marriage, Money, Life Design, Facilitation & more..

For long, I have been wanting to enable conversations and (for the lack of a better word) – offer programs on themes that are of concern to a lot of people, friends and humanity at large. One day I just sat and wrote out just a few bullets under each theme. That is some starting point.

I hope to use the site called ‘Group Gyaan’ of Hetal Rach to see how much interest there is in this. Often reaching out to people has been a challenge.

Baby steps will allow us to participate with emergence …

Marriage… What is Love?

• Often a great marriage seems like a mirage. What is the spirit of marriage and how might we not let the institution of marriage not destroy the true essence of it?
• Perhaps the heart of marriage, the ‘marital art’ has some parallels ‘martial art’ 😉
• Maybe the most profound gift of marriage and all relationships is to discover how the outer, the other is just an ‘otherness’, mirroring the inner, reflecting oneself.
• How do we make the most of that which is perhaps one of the greatest challenges and perhaps one of the most extra-ordinary opportunities!
• What is marriage as an institution evolving into?

Relationships … The heart of Living, Learning and Love!

• Why are relationships often so challenging? What are the hidden gifts in that challenge?
• How might we shift from what someone called ‘Relationshit’ to ‘Elationship’ 😉 by making contact with what’s ‘Real’
• How can we realize that the only measure of love is truth and the measure of truth is love.
• Can we learn this dance of Yin-Yang by loving what is and seeing how what seems attractive or repulsive is not just outside in the other but also precisely inside in ourselves!
• How can innocence, playfulness, a certain carefree abandon be brought into relationships!

Facilitation & Coaching .. The subtle art and science of Co-evolution

• The central part of my work and life journey has been to discover and share the joy of facilitation. Through one-to-one connections, the ‘Tao of facilitation’ program and the work that I have done with businesses, leaders and of late, communities also.
• Organically I have discovered many subtleties and nuances in this fascinating field. I have also encountered many great teachers, facilitators, trainers and leaders. I have also had the blessing of enabling and being enabled simultaneously by many such gifted and ordinary human beings.
• It is a great joy to offer this to whoever is interested in ‘byte-sized’ sessions to start with, apart from the in-depth program that I offer.
• Some examples of what can be discovered are:
o ‘helicopter viewing’ as one of the greatest skills and way of being
o the 4 dimensions of facilitation- listening, speaking, wondering and silence
o the mind (thinking), the heart (feeling), the body(action) all born from spirit (our magnificence!)

Life Design & Soul Purpose.. Discovering the Song you were born to sing

• There is a life we were born to live, a vision we were born to manifest, a song we were born to sing.
• And yet, in some crazy way, we also resist most deeply this song in our heart.
• What might enable us to embrace this genius, this magnificence that sits inside us?
• How may we allow the design of life to operate?
• Through the incredible lens of birth dates, listening to the voice of the heart, the winks from life, looking at our fears in the face and learning to make friends with adversity we may begin to sing the song a little more deeply.
• We can drop the struggle to ‘change’ ourselves by designing our lives. When we are free to be who we are.. we relax into our natural state.

‘The Work’ that enables Play, Lightness and a shift from Pain to Laughter!

• If I was to pick up one body of work that has touched my life most deeply, it is Byron Katie’s ‘Work’, also known as Inquiry.
• Three lines that came to me that summarise this powerfully are:
o Life is wise, even when it seems otherwise 😉
o Reality is kind, unlike stories of the mind.
o When we hold lightly, that which we held tightly, life shines more brightly.
• I had done a small blog post on this for those who want to know more.

• You will discover how the outside is merely mirroring what is inside. Especially that which irritates, frustrates, is repulsive, you may find you can not only live with but maybe even laugh at!

Let me know at if any of you who reads this is interested in one or more of these themes.

4 thoughts on “Conversations to Awaken … Marriage, Money, Life Design, Facilitation & more..

  1. i know you are not a very visual person… however your work reminds me of someone… a great artist… Andy Goldsworthy…you must see his work and feel it 😉 just for starters:

    Also would like to share another poem;) by one of our fav poets

    Every moment
    a voice
    out of this world
    calls on our soul
    to wake up and rise

    this soul of ours
    is like a flame
    with more smoke than light
    blackening our vision
    letting no light through

    lessen the smoke and
    more light brightens your house
    the house you dwell in now
    and the abode
    you’ll eventually move to

    now my precious soul
    how long are you going to
    waste yourself
    in this wandering journey
    can’t you hear the voice
    can’t you use your swifter wings
    to hear the call

    Rumi 🙂

  2. Rivers & Tides..
    Life and Strife..
    Sugar and Spice..

    Wonder, Love,
    Irreverence, the sacred..
    The mystery of it all..

    Thank you so much for that evocative piece of Andy Goldsworthy. Really enjoyed it. Fascinating the connection you see between my writing and him and that Rumi poem was also awesome.

    Did you forget to mention your name or deliberately did not. It seems you did not want to, for some reason.
    Would really appreciate knowing who this wonderful person is who sees these incredible connections!

    Warm regards & much love,

  3. Dear Kiran,
    After our conversation I realised that however sweet and human falling in love is, when love is a feeling around which a relationship is defined, one must push a bit (which our mind does so well by raising 10000 questions!), and see what lies beyond. I am grateful for our conversation yesterday.
    At home when I reached, I read “Invisible Partners” recommended by Jacqueline. It helped me to pull back from this naive, though heartfelt excitement, and revaluate. I guess it is just a part of my dharma to bring balance no matter how sweet the joy is and not get carried away by it. 🙂 Love

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