Listen to life..

I got an email from a dear friend this morning as I was sitting in the balcony of another
soul friend, a great Yoga teacher.
The email spoke of some ‘unfairness’ and very ‘human’ behavior in the organisation she is working.
In my response to her, something emerged- which I feel like sharing.

I have often felt that the blog posts need not always be long.
Sometimes, just a few simple lines can do what a book cannot. So this is
the first post that is brief. Spontaneous. In the moment stream of consciousness sharing.

Listen to life..
There is no strife.
Lovingly share from the heart
Wondering about its art
Seeing .. Not seeking
Possibilities of co-creation
In the midst of conflict
Of the verse in the midst of
What’s adverse
Of the song, the voice
in the middle of the noise
Because ..
Deep inside it all
Lies the dearest freshness.

Can you today see if anything has been adverse in your life?
And notice the verse in it.
Can you right now see the voice that is wanting to be heard amidst the noise?

As we relax our seeking, we begin to listen to the song that life is singing through us.
Effortlessly. Listen to life.

3 thoughts on “Listen to life..

  1. Listening to Life is what we forget in our everyday achieving something, getting somewhere busyness . Only if we stop for a moment and listen….Wow !! What amazing wonders just all around us…in everyday little things!!

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