Seeing & Being Real vs. “Positifying” or “Negatifying” what Is.

There is a tendency in us humans to either decorate/ beautify (“positivify”) or judge/ catasptrophise (“negatify”) reality – or justify what fragment we see – we do this to protect ourselves or some belief structure out of some fear – and hence miss out seeing the simple kindness of Reality. Even the inherent wisdom in what is.

To be able to see what is, simply, nakedly, totally, is rare. And perhaps the only place of power and resourcefulness – indeed the only place of love is when we see what is. Just as it is. When we make friends with reality or rather see we are one with it. Instead of continuing to see parts of reality distorted by the mind/ thought and clouded by feeling.

Rajee’s teachings, the work we do at Ark, Artistry of Awakening… Sandy’s presence oriented therapy work, Byron Katie’s work, what Sangeeta and GD and Amit do, Core Healing, chats with Biren, my coaching work – any good work – also helps people meet reality as it is. And that is therapeutic, it’s healing. And awakening.

I would also recommend slowly – at the speed of life and your heart –

reading one or more of these books- Adyashanti’s book, “End of Your world”. And Byron Katie’s “A thousand names for joy” and “Tao of Healing” by Haven Trevino. Many of Sangeeta’s blog posts and some of mine I can also point to. And some of Rajee’s videos and GD’s podcasts. Jeff Brown, Jeff Foster and Matt Licata’s pointings also I have found valuable.

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      1. My bad! for late reply. i missed all from last programs, now will read all Tao updates.

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