What dreams may come…

Gay Hendricks and his wife Katie have been two of my dearest teachers. A friend, Raymond Moses picked up Gay’s book ‘Corporate Mystic’ in 1999 at the Bangalore airport. Looks like it was meant for me. Deep resonance. I wrote to him soon as I read the book and before I knew I was in his program in the US! Many years later I went to the US again and had the immense blessing of spending a day with him at his home in Ojai. What dreams may come is a beautiful movie produced by him and I wrote this pome in 2005 after spending the day with him. A true-blood Gemini North Node (more of that in a different blog post. Jan Spillers book- Astrology for the Soul is awesome)

Splash of color – a vibrant expression of the alive being
Gay’s laughter, Katie’s presence even in her absence,
A 370 year old oak tree,
Love, its subtle totality,

Ramana and Nisargadatta
Spontaneous conversation, an easy flow
A book in the making, a journey unfolding
The India possibility

Books, quotes, paintings, rare pieces of art
The little Zen companion, The blessings already are!
Lovely espresso, Baked potatoes and cheese, Red wine,
A visit to the farmer’s market

J.Krishnamurthy..A walk in his space,
An experience of his energy- the head and the heart.
Ironical journey of ‘spiritual’ masters
‘God, please wake me up before I die’

Awesome simplicity,
Abundant life,
Tangerines, Lucy, Crystal balls
The presence of grace

Orchestration of the universe,
Meditation with Gay
Profound listening.
Lexigrams- Silent in Listen, Now in Wonder
Revealing to revel in the real

Things inconsequential, quite ordinary,
Imbued with joy,
Like the mild fragrance of flowers
Childlike curiosity

So much magic in less than a day,
Without an overwhelm
Here on earth,
What dreams may come.

-kiran gulrajani, 2005

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